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Dress Code
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Dress Code - Uniforms

A uniform dress code has been approved by the Sevilla Primary School Community to enhance the learning environment of our students.  Students are expected to dress in uniform dress daily, reflecting pride in themselves and their school. 

The Sevilla Primary Dress Code, which is in accordance with the Alhambra District Policy JICA, includes the following:

Tops:  Shirt/blouse – solid color navy, maroon or white, collared, long or short sleeve polo/golf shirt.

Bottoms:  Pants, shorts, skirts, skorts, jumpers – solid color khaki (tan) or navy blue (not denim).

Footwear:  Students MUST wear shoes at all times!  Flip-flops are not permitted.  Tennis shoes are recommended and should be worn for PE classes.  Shoes must have closed toes and sandals must have a strap around the ankle. 

Winter wear:  Solid sweatshirts and sweaters will be navy blue or white.  No logos or other colors are permitted.  For winter, navy blue sweatpants are permitted as well as navy blue or white turtle neck collars.  There are no restrictions on jackets and coats.

For complete information regarding acceptable attire, please refer your copy of the Parent/Student Handbook or click here for the web version (Parent/Student Handbook).  Additional print copies of the handbook are available in our school office.