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First Grade 100th Day
Sevilla Primary's first grade teachers planned a learning packed day for their students. The day was devoted to reading, writing and math activities that celebrated and centered around the number 100. Did you know that by the 100th day of school our six year olds are able to:
  • Read fluenly at least 50 words correct per minute;
  • Add and subtract numbers through 10;
  • Identify the value of a digit in two digit numbers;
  • Write a 5 sentence paragraph;
  • Take notes during scientific investigations and report on their findings;
  • Compare and contrast the elements of two texts;
  • Describe plane shapes using the attributes of the shapes;
  • Use technology to improve their reading skills;
  • Identify several parts of speech;
  • and MUCH, MUCH more!!
A highlight of our 100th day of school was when our first graders assembled themselves into groups of tens and ones to determine how many students were present that day. See below...there are 196 of them - that's nineteen 10s and six 1s...in case you were wondering (or...one 100, nine 10s, and six 1s...which is the same as 100+90+6)...confused? Ask a Sevilla Primary first grader to explain it!
100th day