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iPad President Poetry Project

Recently, I interviewed Harley and Layla in Ms. Wegner's Class third grade class. Their classmates had just posted their iPad project on Ms. Wegner's hall bulletin board and I was currious about the process they participated in. The board displayed excellent work!

Here is what they had to say...be sure to scroll down for pictures of class bulletin board:

Ms. Caudill: How did you learn about the presidents?
Layla: We used our 1:1 laptop carts to research. One of the sites we visited was http://millercenter.org/president. We also used books to locate president facts. A few of the books we referenced were: The President Book and Smart About the Presidents.

Ms. Caudill: Can you explain the process you completed?
Harley: Sure. First, I learned about the president I was assigned by reading about the jobs he did and what he was known for. Second, I wrote about where my president was born. Third, we researched what our president liked to do. Then, we searched the web to find out where our president went to college. When we had this information we wrote a rough draft on paper. Then, I published my final copy using the iPad.

Ms. Caudill: What was your favorite part of this project?
Harley: We got to atually write and take pictures using the iPad!
Layla: The best part about this project was when we were coloring and taking pictures to decorate our final draft.