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Volunteers/Parental Involvement

Sevilla Primary School values the team approach in educating our students. We invite parents to take an active role in all our programs. Parents are encouraged to visit their child’s classroom to observe instruction and to support their child’s schoolwork.

We offer many opportunities for you to get involved. Be a volunteer! Volunteers provide valuable support by assisting students and teachers and by helping with special events and are always needed and welcome at Sevilla Primary. If you wish to help in a classroom, or the library on a regular basis, or if you would prefer helping the health coordinator for a specific period (i.e. sight or hearing tests), please contact our volunteer coordinator at (602) 242-2503, Ext 5604.

Make a difference…join the School Community Council. SCC provides parents with opportunities in decision-making at the school level and Booster Club provides support through activities and funding for the improvement of Sevilla Primary School programs.

To see your child’s class in action or to take advantage of any of these opportunities, contact the school office at 602-242-0281.

Be sure to ask about the district Legislative Committee, the Parent Leadership Ambassadors group, or how to take part in a Community Luncheon.

Being active in your child’s education is a solid investment in their future!